The world in which my kids live and in which they thrive is rich, vital, full, strong and abundant in love. They themselves are self-responsible, independent and therefore free to overcome their own challenges, experience their own epocs and rise to their own glory, perpetuated by their people’s successes and complimentary to those victories.

The word in which they live is more free than tame, more wild than domestic and more alive than dead.

They do not seek security for want of false safety nor because they succumb to fear. …

The world is changing fast, we as coaches need to keep up or we will be left behind. More and more people are moving into the digital space, and being able to navigate this environment can mean the difference between success and failure.

If you can’t use the tools available to you to market and sell your services, other coaches will, and it will become harder and harder to compete. So the big question becomes: how do we make money online as coaches?

This blog will be aimed at answering that exact question.

When I started out in this game…

Social media is an incredible tool that we as coaches can use to attract people into our world and convert them into leads and clients. It is a tool that we can use to build rapport and trust and sell on a mass scale.

There has not been any other time in human history where we have had the ability to scale our message out to millions of people at just the click of a button and, using social media for good can literally change the world.

So what are the three steps to consider when using social media? I’ll…

We live in the attention economy, this precious resource is one of the most sought after things in the world of social media…The rule goes: If you can grab attention, keep it and direct it, you will win.

As you scroll through the different forms of social media: Blogs, podcasts, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube…. Whatever platform, they have one thing in common.

They are a marketplace or a platform filled with people who want your attention, they want you to consume and be directed by their content. …

When we change our environments we ignite a spark of adaptable energy that, if used well, can overcome any problem.

Our nervous system stops expecting and starts observing.

We don’t look to shut down information but rather to gather it.

Being in the same environment chronically reaps this result — similar thoughts, behaviours, viewpoints and patterns of being.

We start to look for clear boundaries within which to exist, we expect ourselves to act a certain way and so do those around us.

We become constrained for lack of a better word. …

Next time you are in conversation with someone, become aware of how you are interacting. More specifically, become aware of whether you are sharing an opinion out of turn.

It is easy and we have been conditioned to share our opinions on almost any topic, even if we have very little real knowledge on that topic. When you realise that a topic being discussed is not an area you have much expertise in, become more accustomed to saying ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I don’t have an opinion on that, I’d need to find out more.’

This can throw a lot…

We are adaptive learners. Most animals are born with many of the skills they will need throughout life and only have to hone them over a few months or years through practice, play, modelling and experience.

Humans however are very different and our learning process has in many ways allowed to us to be so effective. We learn mainly through a process most commonly referred to as mentoring. Whereby we model the traits of those we aspire to be like and over time develop those specific skills to a proficient and applicable level.

The key here is SPECIFIC. One of…

Outward humility is rife — people who say they are humble but who’s actions do not follow suit.

I am speaking just as much to myself as I am writing to anyone reading, cultivating true humility is key if you want any level of success in life.

What does this look like? It means actually learning from others — seeking out mentors, reading, learning and spending all the time you can gathering knowledge. These actions tell a story of true humility, of ‘I don’t know it all and I want to learn.’ …

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the smartest, but the most ADAPTABLE.

When we approach life with an adaptable mindset, seeing each new problem as novel and not attaching archaic, outdated thought to any set of challenges, we free ourselves to truly progress and improve. Evolution works off of this basis, and when we adopt it we are truly living in accordance with our nature and the world around us.

How many times have you thought in black and white, in right and wrong? This way of thinking limits growth and restricts our worldview.


The detrimental effects of risk aversion and avoidance.

Why we need risk.

Risk was once a part of daily life for all humans, specifically men, it was inherent in survival. Most activities performed required some level of risk and all of those activities were necessary, making risk necessary. The hunting and processing of food, the protection of one’s community and self against nature, disease and other humans, the creation of shelter, the maintenance of relationships — all of these things required that we risk harm in order to achieve our desired outcome. Risk and reward are by nature inseparable, so…

Jacob Clapson

I help coaches market themselves and increase their impact

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