When we change our environments we ignite a spark of adaptable energy that, if used well, can overcome any problem.

Our nervous system stops expecting and starts observing.

We don’t look to shut down information but rather to gather it.

Being in the same environment chronically reaps this result —…

Next time you are in conversation with someone, become aware of how you are interacting. More specifically, become aware of whether you are sharing an opinion out of turn.

It is easy and we have been conditioned to share our opinions on almost any topic, even if we have very…

We are adaptive learners. Most animals are born with many of the skills they will need throughout life and only have to hone them over a few months or years through practice, play, modelling and experience.

Humans however are very different and our learning process has in many ways allowed…

Outward humility is rife — people who say they are humble but who’s actions do not follow suit.

I am speaking just as much to myself as I am writing to anyone reading, cultivating true humility is key if you want any level of success in life.

What does this…

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the smartest, but the most ADAPTABLE.

When we approach life with an adaptable mindset, seeing each new problem as novel and not attaching archaic, outdated thought to any set of challenges, we free ourselves to truly progress and improve…

The detrimental effects of risk aversion and avoidance.

Why we need risk.

Risk was once a part of daily life for all humans, specifically men, it was inherent in survival. Most activities performed required some level of risk and all of those activities were necessary, making risk necessary. The hunting…

Jacob Clapson

I help coaches market themselves and increase their impact

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