Why you NEED the Foundations

Why developing the basic, fundamental patterns is crucial if you want to move with confidence and strength.

Would you build a house on sand? Not unless you wanted to radically increase your chances of having the house fall down on you. Why is it then that most people will do the equivalent with their bodies? The one thing that they truly own. They will put time and energy into the walls and the roof and the decorations, but they have no foundation. Their structure looks pretty for a little while but then a slight breeze comes along, they get injured, they pull something. For some reason nobody takes this as a clear sign they are moving with dysfunction, they will assume that injury is somehow just a part of life, and then once the initial symptom has gone they will resume doing what they were doing before. They are blind to the root cause and over time their body, just like the house will collapse and crush them.

So what is the solution? Most will plaster over the cracks in the wall, pretend everything is normal and go about with their daily lives. But if your house is built on sand those cracks will just keep getting bigger no matter how strong your walls are. The reality is something that most people seem to be avoidant of facing but it is the ONLY way to build real strength and confidence — it may mean tearing down everything and starting from scratch. BUT the sooner you stop avoiding this process the better your life will become. I understand — many people would rather just ignore their faults at the cost to their own well-being — just don’t be one of them.

When we realise that all this time we hadn’t been laying the foundations it may seem a little daunting to realise the work involved. First off, where do you start? What are the foundational patterns necessary to build a strong body? At least that’s what I was asking myself 5 years ago when I started with all this. And then when you finally figure that out, you gotta make a plan and be consistent right? Foundations aren’t just created overnight, they’re developed over time.

When I started out I didn’t have any of this — a plan, what even foundational patterns were and how I go about being consistent with them. I felt a bit lost and really felt like I needed some help and guidance — I knew what was necessary but I didn’t know exactly where to go and what to do, I felt stuck.

5 years and many hours of practice later I feel I can say that I move with confidence and strength, but I knew I had to do something to help out those who were in a similar position to me — they knew they had to start laying their foundations, they were sick of having a body that was not where they wanted it to be and really they just wanted that freedom of movement and physical confidence to feel like “I got this” and not have to question whether they were capable.

I didn’t want people to go through 5 years of having to figure it all out and test and feel confused and lost. I didn’t want people to never reach that state that I KNOW is possible for EVERYONE if they do have a plan and a way that is proven to work.

Well on my 5 year journey I picked up a lot of the skills and practices that actually do work, that do create strong bodies that function without pain. I decided I needed to get it out to the world — to others that want to feel strong and capable and confident, but maybe just can’t figure out how to get there.

That’s when I went about creating Move Wild Academy, it was just me at first, teaching and doing my best to convey the concepts. I launched it with a bit of interest but I knew it needed something more. I went back to the drawing board, added heaps more and re-formatted it. And Move Wild Academy was born — the first online platform dedicated to helping people truly improve their physical capability and start moving with confidence. It took me 5 years to put all this together and formulate this roadmap. And I wanted to give it to you guys for free, because I truly think that laying those foundations can change your life, sometimes all you needed in the end was a solid plan and the right tools to get the job done — this is why I created Move Wild Academy.

So if your ready to stop ignoring the cracks in the wall and really get to the roots. If your sick of living with uncertainty. If you want to move with confidence and strength for the rest of your life. Then build your foundations.

Join me on this mission to bring physical confidence and capability to as many people as possible by committing to yourself to stop ignoring the symptoms and start nourishing the roots.

Grow Strong, Move Wild

- Jake

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